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The Color of 2020

Hello girls, You know that the color of 2020 is blue? Well, I integrated blue in my makeup and this is how it looks like😘😘 I like to balance the upper lid and the lower lid so that the makeup to be more wearable. And also I like to see the fresh skin (not cakey […]

Neon makeup

Buna fetele, Am incercat sa integrez pigmentii neon intr-un machiaj neutru, pentru a echilibra putin si a-l face purtabil la un eveniment! Apropo, pigmentii neon sunt marca Various Pigments! Sunt super saturati si pigmentati🤘🏻 Ce parere aveti?

Let’s begin

Buna fetelor, Mi-a fost fooooarte dor sa machiez, drept urmare asta am si facut🤩. Sper sa va placa ce a iesit si sa imi lasati feedbackul vostru😘😘. Va pup si va doresc un an minunat😘😘😘

Wedding party

Hello girls, Last week I had such beautiful faces. What do you think about these eyes?

Natural makeup

Valeria is a natural makeup kind of girl☺️ and who can say that this is not a good choice🥰!

Purple smokey eyes

Purple is always a good choice for blue eyes☺️

Smokey eyes

Black smokey eyes

Behind the scene

Hello everyone, I love receiving photos from events and now I do have some photos☺️. Let me show you guys😬

Sisters ✨✨✨

Natural beauty